Pictures of Jamaica

Welcome to pictures of Jamaica. A gorgeous Jamaica sunset, a romantic Jamaica wedding at Beaches, spring break in Negril, lightning Usain Bolt and rhythmic reggae artistes like Bob Marley and Sean Paul are some of the images that foreigners "see" when they dream of Jamaica.

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Those of us who are familiar with the history of Jamaica, know that the word "Jamaica" actually means "land of wood and water"; so from our soaring lush mountains through our meandering rivers and dusty plains to our fishing beaches we welcome those who are curious to see the real Jamaica, the old Jamaica the off the beaten track Jamaica through our eyes.

Come and see our :

jamaican country cottage, pictures of Jamaica

old wooden houses and quaint country cottages;

jamaican fishing boat, boat on water pic, pictures of Jamaica

our colorful fishing boats

laughing waters, gushing tribuary, natures fury

or the power of nature as water gushes to the sea.

And of course our vibrant, entertaining people and more will be on display.

Welcome again to Pictures of Jamaica. We've even added a map in case you get lost.

Pictures of Jamaica
Paul and Dee invite you on a pictorial tour of Jamaica showcasing beautiful beaches, houses, people and more
Tropical Scenery
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Wood Sculptor
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Beach Wallpapers
Beach wallpapers showcases Jamaica's beaches which can range from a craggy rocky drops to soothing shallow shores.
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