Wood Sculptor

Jamaican artist Aston Martin describes himself as a wood sculptor.  He carves the most striking figures out of the wood from the tree that bears Jamaica's national flower, lignum vitae, or wood of life.

Now if you try to lift any of these pieces, you will find that it takes some effort. That's because the lignum vitae is very very dense and tough.

Martin's wood scultures of heads are stunning not simply because of the clarity and detail but beacuse of how well they show the natural beauty of the wood.

Gallery of Heads

wooden heads

Well they are more like busts instead of heads but you have to admit to wonderment at the fabulous artistry portrayed in those wooden plaits, hats, buns, lips, noses and faces. There is beauty in those heads!

Come a bit closer and check out the natural colors of the wood too.

 wooden sculpton, jamaican heads

Over time the wood will change color, especially if it is exposed to sunlight. The lighter areas that you see above will actually get darker.

Our Jamaican sculptor has done a masterful job in carving the heads of the women.

Below you will see Aston Martin's representation of women in wood. These ladies carry themselves proudly, don't they? Loving the various hairstyles on display.

wood sculpture heads

Aston Martin can be contacted at:

Marlie Acres
Old Harbour,
St. Catherine
Tel: (876)845-2530

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