Jamaica People

We created our gallery of Jamaica people because their unique qualities, unmistakable charm  and rich diversity enhance the Jamaican experience. Such is most evident in their portraits, especially of really old people.

Black and white photography is probably the best medium to capture old time Jamaica, the people, their environment and occupations.  

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Wattle and daub houses, fading occupations such as shrimpers, tailers, shoemakers and  broom makers  are part of the Vanishing Jamaica.

Unfortunately these scenes are extremely rare commodities to visitors and locals. These are truly historical gems.

The rastaman, the country farmer, the proud lady of the house, the donkey with the hamper basket to market are images reminiscent of the old Jamaica we remember especially on visits to the country.

We say thanks to Franz Marzouca for these photos of memorable moments in Jamaican history. Of course Franz retains the copyright to all these images. Franz is among the best professional photographers in Jamaica today. His forte is commercial photography, digital copying of art works and the reproduction of giclee prints utilizing archival paper and inks.

Franz Marzouca may be contacted at:  fmarphoto@gmail.com.

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