Jamaican Art

Jamaican art is well regarded worldwide. Some of our artists like the late Albert Huie (painter) and Cecil Baugh (master potter) have gained legendary status resulting in their portraits and pots respectively, gracing the homes of royalty, presidents and the like.

Jamaican artists

Since we are devoted to highlighting our little Jamrock in pictures, we think it absolutely necessary to present - through the medium of photography - works of art by Jamaican artists of varying specialties.

We feature the work of painter Lennox Coke, a personal friend who has been gaining respect and popularity over the years.  

His paintings of old houses and market scenes are our favorites.  Our people are presented realistically and our culture vividly. The man peeling and selling his sugar cane, the farmer heading home in his donkey cart and the blooming Poui tree are all common everyday scenes here. Enjoy.

Man selling cane
donkey cart
Blooming Jamaican Poui Tree

We also have for you a carousel display of more of Lennox Coke's artwork.

  • The Family of chickens will elicit a smile.
  • Yard Cricket will perhaps evoke wistful memories for a few .
  • Jamaican Market, Saturday Market and Brawta give a glimpse into the hustle and bustle of rural life.
  • One Love People is a collage capturing various cultural aspects of Jamaican life.
  • Big Yard featurues the traditional wooden and surroundings proudly kept.

Did you notice the broken umbrella providing well needed shade, the lady sweeping her red verandah and of course the abundance of color? If not you need to see the real thing so make sure to contact Lennox Coke on your next visit to the island.

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