Map of Jamaica

A map of Jamaica will be useful to every and anyone who wants to explore this tropical paradise

From the businessman who lands in the capital Kingston to the tourist who plans to scour the north coast from Montego Bay to Ocho Rios all will be mesmerised by the geographic features and other attractions here in this little rock of a mere 4,400 square miles.

Fear not, for despite its size Jamaica sometimes surprises even those of us who have lived here forever. On arriving airport in Kingston you can't avoid Jamaica's famous Palisadoes peninsula, to the east there's the occasional secluded coastline and especially in the interior there are thick green woodlands, winding roads and mountains along with canals, gullies and gorges.

Discovering Jamaica is often a delight and pictures say it so well. Come and take a look at this tropical mix, there is: the house with the fabulous beach views and ornate gatepost we discovered on the north coast in the parish of St. Ann, the hidden waterfalls we found in St. Thomas, the 3 red chairs which can seat more, church with walls made of cut stone  and there is more to come. 

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After you arm yourself with your Jamaica road map, you can embark on a fabulous sightseeing tour.  Let's help you out with these top picks.

You will notice that the above tours and activities are concentrated around Negril,Mo Bay and Ocho Rios, the west  and north coasts of Jamaica. 

Come with us as we take a road trip. We will start in the east, which some people view as less touristy and more beautiful than other parts if the island.

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