Beach Wallpapers

Jamaican beaches are varied in nature. We have started beach wallpapers

to provide an inkling of the variety of beaches we have on this lovely island.

Have you ever heard of the famous Pelican Bar in St. Elizabeth? It's the bar on the sandbar in the ocean. No kidding. We have a bar/restaurant right there in the sea and not many people know about it. Named from the pelicans flying nearby the most brilliant sunsets can be enjoyed from that simple spot. And yes you can eat and drink there too

Pelican Bar

pelican bay Jamaica

OK it's not too far out but you still have to take a boat to get there. Just ask one of the fishermen out at Parotee Bay. You might even wish to take your snorkling gear while you are at it. Don't worry there haven't been any shark sightings yet.

Turtle Bay

Another unusual spot is over at  Turtle Bay  at the eastern end of the island, Portland to be exact. Here you might think you are in another world.

turtle bay beach

Need I say more?  You won't be able to find this so easy. It's a local secret which can be disclosed by who but the locals of course.  Coastal erosion has worked it's magic . The majestic variegated  rocks leave you breathlessly wondering where in the world you are.

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