Rural Tourism

Rural tourism is a treat in Jamaica. To learn more about Jamaican culture, food and people, a visit to the rural villages is highly recommended.  Step away from the resorts and beaches and discover the real Jamaica!

St. Ann Jamaica

Some of you who have heard about our fabulous  north coast town of Ocho Rios may not know that it is located in the parish of St. Ann also known as the garden parish. Like a healthy garden it is lush and bountiful. It is where cruise ships dock, Dolphins play, tourists relax on white sand beaches and visitors and locals climb the famous Dunn's River Falls.  Oh yes it's also the birthplace of Bob Marley and Marcus Mosiah Garvey.

St. Ann is also distinguished for being Jamaica's largest parish. It sits between St. Mary and Trelawny.

But how many of you know about Faith's Pen? Come and discover this little piece of Jamaica where rural tourism and dining meet.

jamaican culture

As you head from Kingston to Ocho Rios you must stop at Faith's Pen for breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch or dinner. On this route you will discover that St. Ann has lots more to offer than sand and sea. The red earth shouts bauxite country and the  yam hills, coconut palms and cows proclaim agriculture as another economic activity.

Regardless of the experience you desire, you must stop at Faith's Pen.  And there are more than enough vendors to satisfy your demand.

red shacks

You will be able to sample our world famous jerk chicken. If you prefer sea-food, we have  roast fish too. And for your side dish you might wish to try our  roast breadfruit and/or roast yam - all grilled in typical Jamaican pan style. White plumes of smoke fill the air and the smells are not at all unpleasant.

cook jerk chicken

Note the versatile pan. This drum is used widely in the Cariebbean for cooking, storing water and even for making music. Every heard of the steel band?

When you stop at these colourful sheds you will find some of the most knowledgeable Jamaican chefs who will not only satisfy you need for sustenance but your curiosity about the area, the culture, the people, the language (you might need a translator) and of course the food.

jerk chicken

And for a healthy dessert as you wind up your meal, buy some oranges! They will keep you refreshed as you continue your journey. Not to be forgotten is our world renowned beer, Yes it's all about Red Stripe. Check out the awnings and you will see what I'm talking about.

orange vendor

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